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Un equipo comprometido con el progreso

Barbat nace del compromiso y la dedicación a los servicios de ingeniería industrial, mecatrónica, robótica y mantenimiento para constituirse como un ente de referencia, implementación y consolidación en la industria 4.0.

Estudiamos, organizamos y desarrollamos metodológicamente la información de los procesos encargados por nuestros clientes para diseñar, construir, montar e implantar máquinas especiales y utillajes automatizados.

Nuestros servicios mejoran los tiempos, procesos y formas de trabajo para satisfacer las necesidades del cliente, haciendo así el día a día más productivo y seguro para las personas.

Tenemos como objetivo principal el desarrollo de maquinaria y la automatización total, incluida la obra civil , con soluciones «LLAVE EN MANO».


Barbat Engineering is made up of a human team with many years of experience and specialized in each area of the company: management, engineering, workshop, administration, quality and occupational risk prevention.

A team that works together to effectively carry out engineering projects and comprehensive management of the company. And always willing to move anywhere in the world.

At Barbat Engineering we have a warehouse with a 1,000 m² workshop and 200 m² of office available to meet all the needs of the company. It is equipped with a 6-ton bridge crane and its own tools for the manufacture and assembly of industrial machinery.

We have a fleet of our own vehicles to provide impeccable service to our customers.




1. Initial study

The formation of diverse ideas, logical modes and concepts found in brainstorming. Innovation, the know-how of what has already been manufactured and the union of all this with the culture of experimentation and the technique learned thanks to study, work and the application of technology. Accompanying our client, before their production process is defined. Hand in hand with him, from the light of the idea to the achievement and implementation of the system. A good study, a good concept, a good process, a good result.


2. Design

From the handwritten sketch, we capture the result thanks to the latest technical advances, tools and supports that the industry makes available to us. Our technicians closely follow each of the projects and technically and meticulously manage all the milestones. The design phase has no end. Even with the delivered machine, we consider continuous improvement until its start-up.


3. Construction

Combining the elements of all designs; Electrical, Programming and Mechanical, we begin to manufacture the parts of the machine that will later form the whole. Our purchasing department is in charge of selecting the best suppliers, always in consensus with the Load Notebooks and specifications of our clients.

4. Assembly

Starting from the design, construction, commercial materials, elements and machines integrated in the installation, our electrical assemblers, mechanics and programmers, always directed by the site manager, are in charge of giving the general shape to the final product. All installations have their first blank assembly in our workshops.
We carry out a pre-reception with our client in real operating conditions.


5. Implementation

Depending on the size of the machine, we take it in one piece or disassembled in parts to our users' facilities. Once there and in agreement with them, we settle it, level it and align it in the right place. Production operators, engineering technicians and HSE experts test it with our direct supervision until it is working properly.

Do you need our services? Contact us.

© Barbat Ingeniería Mantenimiento, S.L.

Calle Encina, nº 7, parcela 1

47162 Aldeamayor de San Martín


(+34) 677 46 14 16

Horario de atención:

07:00h a 15:00h

16:00h a 18:30h

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