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Developed to have the highest yield in the industry and the lowest possible environmental impact. It is equipped with state-of-the-art solutions, setting new standards for egg breaking machines.


The breaking machine is pushing the boundaries of what's possible in regards to maximizing yield. Among all egg breaking solutions in the market, the SANOVO BreakerPro has the absolute highest yield and most effective sustainability solutions, enabling our customers to produce at world-class performance level while protecting the environment.


All BreakerPro models come with an optimized egg cracker design, a longer machine frame, and an optional egg white recovery unit, which together can achieve up to 1% higher yield. On top of that, the BreakerPro comes with a green design, achieved through an optimized CIP system, leading to a reduction in water and chemical use and by ensuring that no water spillage occurs. The BreakerPro also introduces a new advanced multi-color touch panel, multi-function LED bars, and an optimized scanner system - all to ensure the highest possible product quality and an improved operator experience.

  • Up to 1% higher yield resulting in a higher ROI

  • Green product design resulting in utility savings (water + chemicals + power)

  • Optimized yolk cup design and scanner system for cleaner egg white and higher product quality

  • New and improved multi color touch panel, for easier operating and maintenance of the machine

  • Better and faster machine adjusting for increased uptime

  • Enhanced work environment for the operator by eliminating loose covers


The BreakerPro 6 is a model that fits processors in need to produce up to 75,600 eggs/hour (210 cases/hour).

The BreakerPro 12 is the second-largest model available in the series and can process up to 151,200 eggs/hour (420 cases/hour).

The BreakerPro 18 is the largest model available in the series and can process up to 226,800 (630 cases/hour).


Pasteurizer for extended shelf life products

Most pasteurizers available are designed to handle different types of liquid food. SANOVO pasteurizers are developed specifically for liquid egg products. This configuration handles products for extended shelf life.

The SANOVO Pasteurizers are highly configurable according to your specifications. Choose your capacity between 1,000 - 15,000 litres/hour and your final product. This configuration is optimized for extended shelf life products which require high-temperature sterilization and pasteurization. Liquid egg has different functional properties compared to other liquid food products and requires special handling. Temperature and holding time of the liquid egg during pasteurization are two of the main points to consider to obtain a high level of food safety and to preserve product functionalities. Our Pasteurizers are developed for high quality liquid egg products.


  • Long production time and high efficiency

  • High killing rate

  • 100% built-in CIP (cleaning-in-place), hygienic design, no cross-contamination risk

  • Skid-mounted with a small footprint and Plug & Go concept to reduce commissioning time

  • SCADA system for remote control, reducing manpower

  • PLC for automatic function control

  • Maximum energy efficiency through indirect heat regeneration circuit

  • Easy maintenance and inspection

  • Remote service of the machine


Maximum food safety is ensured by exclusively using food contact material approved parts (FCM). That means, for this configuration all parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel AISI316L.


Entry-level, small and medium-scale processing plant designed around you. A strong standard configuration with highly flexible investment choices to fit exactly your requirements.

Enter the liquid processing market with PrimeLine! With production capacities starting at 500 l/h (egg yolk) and 1,000 l/h (whole egg and egg white), this solution allows you to harness the benefits of selling liquid egg. Suitable for any business, PrimeLine is designed around you. The standard configuration always provides you with a safe production process and high product quality, ready for Plug N’ Produce. Due to the layout flexibility and many available optimization options, PrimeLine is ideal for every small and medium-size egg processing setup. As your business grows, your production capacity grows too and requirements may change. PrimeLine is a modular component solution and grows with you - if you want.

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