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In Barbat we are multidisciplinary professionals prepared and experienced, with the same enthusiasm as the first time for each new challenge. We feel what we do, and like a musician's guitar, ingenuity and creation become the natural extension of our work.

We try to achieve excellence in every construction detail, taking advantage of the know-how, the knowledge acquired over the years and the desire for a concrete, simple and safe conclusion in the study and design of our clients' capital goods, industrial facilities and special machines.


Barbat It is born from the commitment and dedication to industrial engineering, mechatronics, robotics and maintenance services to become a reference, implementation and consolidation entity in industry 4.0.

We methodologically study, organize and develop information on the processes commissioned by our clients to design, build, assemble and implement special machines and automated tools.

Our services improve times, processes and ways of working to satisfy customer needs, thus making everyday life more productive and safe for people.

Our main objective is the development of machinery and total automation, including civil works, with “TURNKEY” solutions.


Barbat is made up of a human team with many years of experience and specialized in each area of the company: management, engineering, workshop, administration, quality and occupational risk prevention.

A team that works together to effectively carry out engineering projects and comprehensive management of the company. Always willing to move to any part of the world.

Facilities and tools

We have a 2,000 m² workshop and 300 m² office space available to meet all the company's needs. It is equipped with a 6-ton overhead crane and its own tools for the manufacture and assembly of industrial machinery.

We have a fleet of our own vehicles to provide impeccable service to our clients.

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